What We Do

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    Assessments are the starting point for our programing. An experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst will conduct a comprehensive assessment consisting of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and standardized assessments such as the Vineland II or VB-MAPP. This process will be conducted over multiple visits to your child’s natural environments (home, local park or grocery store and/or school classroom). Based on the information gathered through parent and teacher interviews, direct observations, Standardized and FBA data collection, the treatment team will create a formal treatment plan in order to establish and strengthen social emotional, communication, daily living, and other developmental skills important for learning, problem solving, and navigating their world.

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    Early Intervention

    Spotlight therapy is focused on helping your infants and toddlers who have been identified with a developmental delay, disability or an established risk condition to reach their full potential. We offer intensive early intervention services to children 0-3 years old change their developmental trajectory. Research has established that the first 6 years of a child’s life are the most important times to create lasting change. We place a strong focus on building the foundations for communication, play, daily living, social skills as well as preschool readiness. Our clinical team establishes treatment targets through various standardized assessments as well as indirect parent/caregiver interviews and direct observations.

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    In Home Programming

    Spotlight Therapy provides direct care, one on one programing in your child’s home and local community setting. We tailor our programing to the individual needs of each child and family unit. In this programing, parents and caregivers are enlisted and trained on our teaching strategies and encouraged to activity participate. Each program is directly supervised by a Board Certified Behavior analyst (BCBA) and implemented by our highly trained Behavior Interventionist. Our treatment teams are focused on getting results through proven evidenced based principles. Clinical decisions are made through data collected from direct application and insight from team members and parents or caregivers. Our clinical team is excellent at working and collaborating with outside providers such as school district teams, private SLP’s and OT’s as well as others in order to ensure that all members participating in the care of your child are on the same page. Together, we will work to strengthen your child’s communication, daily living, social and leisure skills and reduce maladaptive behaviors that create barriers to learning.

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    Parent Consultation

    At times you may encounter circumstances where you do not necessarily know how to contend with the possible adverse situations our children may throw at as such as disruptive behaviors or striking other family members. We call these situations the need for a behavioral tune up. Our highly skilled clinical team is superb in helping to troubleshoot these maladaptive behaviors and creating plans for your family that work. We will work closely with your family until the concern(s) is gone. Please contact us today and inquire about our consultation services. We are here to help!

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    Parent Workshops

    Spotlight therapy offers a range of parent workshops for the families of our children to help strengthen your parenting skills. During these workshops we will explore various topics that include: teaching methods, behavioral strategies, social skills training, communication training, functions of behavior, or sometimes just the need for a behavioral tune up. For more information, please contact us directly or send an email to

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    Counseling Services

    Spotlight therapy is distinct in that we offer a family based approach. We employ highly trained licensed therapists to help families cope with any and all elements of raising a blossoming but at times, challenging child. Whether working with sibling adjustment, with parents as the parental agent or for parents who are trying to work through increased demands on their relationship, we are here to help! Spotlight Therapy also offers therapeutic services for children who may not have the need for an intensive program but can benefit from social and emotional development help on a weekly basis.


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