Spotlight Therapy is a private group practice consisting of Board Certified Behavioral Analysts, Behavioral Analysts, Behavioral Therapists and Behavioral Interventionists that provide specialized behavioral services to children with autism and related disorders. Our practice specializes in providing evidence-based treatment interventions to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). Spotlight Therapy works extensively on a regular basis with such individuals who exhibit a variety of developmental needs and challenging behaviors by building adaptive skills in their homes, schools, and in community settings. Spotlight Therapy utilizes evidence-based procedures and treatments based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Spotlight Therapy aims to actively contribute to the field of ABA through the training of our behavioral therapists and professionals, contributing our expertise to field based research and establishing collaborative professional partnerships with like organizations. Spotlight Therapy is an active, contributing participant in Autism Professional Societies, such as advocating for patient rights, promoting the field of research and providing our financial support to help develop autism education, awareness, advocacy, and research.

Spotlight Therapy's mission is to increase the personal and behavioral independence of individuals affected by ASD and help them lead productive, satisfying, normal lives. This goal will be achieved by providing structured treatment through Spotlight's therapeutic behavioral staff to build adaptive responses and skills. By developing critical responses and skills essential for personal independence, Spotlight Therapy helps to reduce the hardships experienced by individuals and families affected by ASD. To accomplish this, Spotlight Therapy has developed the Learning Curriculum that guides treatment. Treatment focuses on developing skills that target domains associated with ASD. This includes functional communication, social skills development, adaptive behavior and building alternative behaviors. Spotlight uses evidence-based treatments to address the many challenges presented by individuals with ASD.



Spotlight Therapy is a family owned company with small children of our own. We care about your child as much as we care for ours as all children deserve to lead productive, satisfying and normal lives. Unlike large corporations that provide mass scripted therapy, we shine our light on your family and focus on the results. Spotlight cares and wants to help!

The founders of Spotlight have a passion for shining our light forward. We want to create lasting change, not just for your child but for your whole family.

Michael M Brando, Founder, President and CEO, (Chemistry, Physics, University of Pennsylvania) is an accomplished Senior Management Executive with over 20 years’ experience in key leadership positions managing large worldwide engineering and information technology departments in multi-national Fortune 100 corporations.

Adam C Brando, Founder, Vice President and COO is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Adam graduated John F. Kennedy University with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and studied at the Florida Institute of Technology for his BCBA. Adam has worked in the field of developmental disorders for 14 years and was the executive clinical director of a major ABA company.

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Join our dedicated team of dynamic professionals helping young children lead more productive, satisfying and normal lives. A career with Spotlight Therapy assisting children is both rewarding and personally satisfying as it is YOU that will help to make the difference in a young child’s life. At Spotlight Therapy you will join a team of dedicated and passionate leaders that will support you and help you grow in your career. We will provide you with an intensive, focused training program to get you started and then further your education with ongoing training and participation in various training topics within the ABA field.

We offer flexible schedules, a positive work environment, on-going training and career advancement.

Take the next step and send your resume and career interest to careers@spotlighttherapy.com



Now Hiring: Behavioral Interventionist I, Behavioral Interventionist II -- High School diploma, College grad or current college student. All experience levels considered. Please send your resume and career interest to careers@spotlighttherapy.com

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Therapists

Our behavior interventionists are highly trained with the latest intervention strategies available.

Expert Professionals

Our licensed therapists and BCBA’s are experts in their respected fields.

Partners with Parents

We work closely with your family hand and hand.

Focused on results with the latest technologies

We continuously examine our programs and adjust as needed for the best outcome utilizing the most up-to-date technologies.

Build Generalization and Independence

Our aim is for our children to become independent as they interact with the world around them.


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